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As the end of the year aproaches i would like to take the chance to update everyone in some topics:

1- Id Shopping – The integration with DHL Api is being set up and being tested and we are making our best efforts to place it online fast as possible.
2- This week we will also pressure for the speedest of the exchange Umbrella , we are eagger to have it , and its delay is causing us a lot of stress, and also to the members , but rest assured that we are compromised to have it finished.
3- We have closed some agreements in Russia, trough the network and acquire some factories and patents that will allow to reenforce our renewable strategies, waste incinerators with no polution envolved that transform waste in energy and some sub products.
4- We are also very proud to announce that we have conclude the funding process for the PLA factory in Russia , and in 2020 February we expect to have it already being built and conclusion in June .
This is very important if we consider the will to change the planet by replacing all plastics.

IDidentification NEWS – 2/1/2020

We had a meeting with President IDIdentification Claudio Henrique Barack Obama about the performance of the activities and some future developments that I summarize in the following points:

The operational steps continue, which will lead us to get Exchange up and running in the shortest possible time after a few key steps such as completing the insurance guarantee, consenting to perform currency tokens, publication of the White Papers and beginning of the ICO phase.
In order to complete the security of the transactional mechanism purchased and implemented at Umbrella, and to ensure that the insurer completes certification, they must complete testing on transactions that are already nearing completion.
At the end of this phase, the full White Papers, already prepared and awaiting publication, will be published to start the ICO phase, which provides discounts on the initial purchase price of medium and long term investments for greater sustainability. and control over price changes.
The ICO phase does not prevent the transfer of tokens from wallet to wallet and therefore the exchange, which may occur upon the opening of UMBRELLA.

A Uber user pays an average 25% fee to use the service, with an ID-Driver subscriber paying a 6% fee.
The ID-Driver project involves using the service, even with electric cars, cars that will be built by a Chinese factory, a factory that has already signed a contract with ID-Identification.
In Brazil there are 230,000 drivers offering Uber service, we already have 20,000 pre-registered drivers ready to use our ID-Driver service.
All transportation on behalf of ALSUR, an AGRO-backed company, will be carried out through the ID-Drive service with great economic savings in support of greater profit sustainability.
This project integrates agreements and contracts of the political-commercial-industrial sector of the state of Rio de Janeiro
(part of the agreement signed by our President Claudio Henrique with the Chinese for a total of $ 35 MLD as of December 2018
Sources: /03/5521345-china-investira-em-japeri.html…/japeri-firm-partnership-with-…

Claudio reiterated that each coin with a „Social Character“ is supported by the real asset business operations of one or more Holding companies and that, therefore, its counter value will actually and concretely accompany the growth of the assets themselves.
The CROWDFUNDING instrument has already performed well and raised capital and investments, and is already earmarked for the „Realization of Recovery of Former Members“ part of the engagement and according to the modalities and schedules that will be communicated as soon as possible.

The activities of the following companies have already started: IDUniversity IDDriver IDBanks IDShopping
and they are already working to bring economic sustainability to the R&D project and to all shareholders. The next step will be the implementation of direct bonuses to share new members.
Some of these companies will initially broadcast their products and services in Argentina, Portugal and the United States, as well as in Brazil, where they are already operating.
Most holdings will operate independently of the network for security, but will still have bonuses under a direct sharing program, each of which will have a contact person who will monitor the distribution of products and services outside the network.
This is to maximize the profits of the activities and to safeguard the growth of the activities that will feed the Holding’s sustainability and, consequently, the interests of all shareholders.

Some information about companies already in operation

IDBANKS branded devices, published yesterday in the chats, are ATM machines to accept both FIAT credit card and CRYPTO payments and will be implemented in UMBRELLA to make it easy for merchants and individuals to easily accept FIAT / CRYPTO payments. in exchange; Each Leader ID must have an IDBANKS device to purchase BTC, ISGC, ECO, AGRO, etc. and pay IDi Packs generating 10% distribution fees for each transaction.

As we can see, the IDIdentification Project is very ambitious and requires meticulous STEP planning, and the President reiterates the fact that it is difficult to be sure about dates because it often does not depend on a single interlocutor.

The information will be gradually updated

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